Socage in Tour

da | Feb 2, 2017 | Articoli

SOCAGE IN TOUR is the new Socage social campaign arising from the initiative pursued in 2016 by our Italy commercial manager Andrea Gilberti who drove the Socage DA422 forSte aerial platform, showing it personally to all Italy renters.

Given the past year success, in 2017 this project will be more pushed.

SOCAGE IN TOUR is starting now, it is a viral marketing campaign that will last all the year and will let the interested people to watch the newest forSte 25D, upon appointment, directly at their home.

ForSte25D is a double articulated aerial working platform belonging to Socage E series (electric).

Able of a maximum working height of 24,50 m and a maximum outreach of 12,70 m, the forSte 25D – E has got a safe working load (SWL) of 300 kg (2 operators + tools) and it is installed on 3,5 ton trucks.

Follow us on our Social Networks with the topic #socageintour and on our website in order to be always updated about the SOCAGE IN TOUR campaign.

You will know in real time Andrea and the forSte 25D’s  movements.

If you want to define an appointment, write on our website form Contacts .


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